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Scrunch Butt & Butt Lifting Leggings

27 Products

Prepare to turn heads and exude confidence with our scrunch bum leggings. These leggings are designed for comfort and performance, whilst highlighting the glutes you works so hard for. Express your style with a range of colours and designs, our ruched bum leggings are a game-changer for your activewear collection that will stand up to every workout.

27 Products
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    Women's Scrunch Bum & Ruched Bum Leggings

    What are Scrunch Bum and Ruched Bum Leggings?

    Scrunch bum leggings use a special sewing technique where the material pinches just below the tailbone (in between the buttocks) to accentuate the shape of the buns. The fabric essentially gathers where the buttocks separate, pulling the material slightly to show off your glutes, glorious glutes.

    Why wear scrunch bum leggings?

    Scrunch bum leggings are designed to enhance your shape, highlighting your best assets so that you can feel confident when working out. The perfect partner for leg day, ruched bum leggings help to create a peachiness that is ideal for when you’re working on a glute pump.

    Our selection of scrunch bum gym leggings are usually complemented with an elasticated waistband to enhance your figure even further, which also keeps the leggings firmly in place, whether you’re deadlifting a PB or smashing through a HIIT session.

    Are Scrunch bum leggings comfortable?

    Some may find that the scrunch takes a little getting used to at first, but our scrunch bum gym leggings are designed to be ultra-comfortable to work out in. You can find ruched bum leggings created with our seamless stretch fabric that allows you full freedom of movement whilst sweat wicking finishes help to keep you dry, allowing you to lift comfortably with minimal distractions.

    How to style scrunch bum leggings

    Available in a whole host of colours to suit any stye, from classic black to cool grey, but also including soft pastels, vibrant colours and eye-catching prints. Our high waisted scrunch bum leggings combine figure enhancing fits designs that are stunning enough to wear in and out of the gym.

    So, whether you opt for a matching sports bra to complete the set, or a crop top or vest , we recommend wearing something that shows off the figure enhancing effects of scrunch bum leggings. After all, you work hard for it, why not show it off.

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