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T-Shirts & Tops

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Get ready for the ultimate style and performance combo with our women's gym t-shirts. These wardrobe essentials are all about keeping you comfy and feeling your personal best. Whether you're sweating your way through a HIIT workout, getting your reps in or enjoying rest day with friends, our workout shirts and tops offer high-performance materials, versatile shapes and fashionable designs.

495 Products
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    Women's Gym T-Shirts & Tops

    Women's Workout Shirts

    The best gym shirts are designed to keep you feeling comfortable, so that you can focus on your training and look great whilst doing so. Our range of workout shirts for women combine figure accentuating designs with functional fabrics to create gym shirts that will have you feeling confident and ready to take on any challenge, whether that’s stepping up to the bar for a new PB or going that extra mile on the track.

    Our huge selection of products and collections on offer has a workout shirt for everyone. The Training gym tops the perfect basic essentials, ideal for beginners. Then we have Vital, which harnesses that classic Gymshark style (we’re talking sculpting styles with sweat-wicking fabrics) whilst Sweat Seamless which takes this up a notch with advanced DYNMC™️ Fabric. For those who love to push themselves to the limit when working out, Limitless is the range for you, harnessing the power of performance focused fabrics and designs.

    Legacy and Power help you push for those big lifts, and Adapt brings style to the forefront. For rest days, brunch days and everything in-between, we have Elevate which combines buttery soft fabrics with athleisure styles, perfect for a morning yoga class to brunch with friends. Plus, you can find collections such as Retro and Fraction that combine soft materials with bold prints, giving a look that’s stylish enough to wear for whatever the day has in store.

    Tanks and vests

    Show off the muscles you work so hard for and enjoy breathability with our workout tank tops and vests. Choose from loose tanks, to fitted tanks, and even tank tops with built in sports bras. Our women’s gym tanks provide the basis you need to get those heavy lifts.

    Long sleeves

    Our long sleeve gym tops come in a range of styles, from cropped long sleeves which allow you to keep your abs on show whilst still keeping your arms covered, or full length long sleeve tops which keep that extra layer of warmth for whether you’re travelling to and from the gym, or working out in colder climates. Whether you opt for a matching set with your long sleeved gym top or you mix’n’match, you can be sure you’ll be rocking a gym fit that is just as stylish as it is functional.

    Oversized t-shirts

    Our oversized gym shirts are a wardrobe essential, combining the relaxed rest-day vibe, they are a trending staple at the moment. Oversized tees can be worn whilst you workout or can be rocked out and about from grabbing your daily coffee to chilling at home.

    Should I wear a sports bra under my workout shirt?

    This really depends on the type of workout you are doing, and personal preference. Some of our workout tops don’t require a sports bra as they have support build in, however majority of the time we would recommend wearing a sports bra under your gym shirt. This is so your breasts have the support they need, keeping you comfortable no matter what the workout has in store for you.